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Indoor Farming Start Up Corporation

Customer Need: Develop and Implement a GFSI System to easy replicate food safety for global expansion.

Accomplishments: SQF food safety program development, implementation, and maintenance achieved with excellent score since the initial certification for the first automated vertically farmed indoor system in the country incorporating their proprietary tower-based systems architecture.

Expand the SQF program to incorporate the continuously developing technology and software systems, allowing client to be the CEA industry leader when it comes to data-driven food safety decisions in such a young industry where data and research does not exist.

Work closely with Sr. management and the food safety team to enhance their own understanding and its impact on company, people, and planet, including growing leadership and full-organization awareness and ownership of food safety matters and helping client integrate food safety into all aspects of our culture and operations.
Corporation ready to leverage the existing SQF system into the largest indoor operation in the country.

Large Corporation - Bakery

Customer Need: Implement the Food Safety Preventive Controls for Human Foods regulatory program in twenty-two (22) facilities across USA and Canada in 8 months.

Accomplishments: Using the FSM-Food Safety Management system approach, implemented the regulatory program in the California facility. Virtually, replicated the food safety manual throughout the twenty-one facilities across the country.

Delivered PCQI and self-audit training to the leadership team to systemically implement Food Safety Preventive Controls for Human Foods in their designated facilities using the replicated food safety manual.
All facilities achieved compliance and passed regulatory audit before deadline.

Thanks to Superior Food Safety’s FSM approach, the implementation cost for the 22 facilities was reduced by 75%.

Various Food Manufacturing Clients

Customer Need: Internal audit the SQF/BRC program for compliance and identification of disruptions due to pandemic. Provide support to address non-conformities and bring food safety program back into compliance before re-certification audits.

Accomplishments: Identified system issues due to the pandemic through the SQF/BRC process audits that impacted clients’ ability to maintain the food safety program with up to 48 non-conformities.

Assisted clients to achieve SQF/BRC recertification by redesigning the QC center system into a FSM system and putting in place a corrective action plan to address system issues and all non-conformities. All clients passed the audit with an excellent score.

Fruits & Vegetables Packing/Distribution Center

Customer Need: Achieve SQF certification. Client had limited resources to pay for consulting services.


During execution of SQF gap assessment identified opportunities to reduce waste by $300K per year.

Client achieved SQF certification with excellent score. Cost reduction provided resources to pay consulting and invest in a $1.5M equipment to automate the tomato line that allowed to source and pack tomatoes by size and color.

Caramel & Chocolate Apple Manufacturer

Customer Need: Achieve SQF certification. Client had limited resources to pay for consulting services.


Client achieved SQF certification with excellent score. Thanks to Superior Food Safety assistance, the SQF implementation allowed to streamline processes that ended up in labor reduction impacting bottom line by $80K/year. Client used savings to pay for consulting services and investment in facility improvements.

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