Oscar Camacho co-founded Superior Food Safety in 2009 and has built a reputation as the go-to food safety expert. Mr. Camacho’s on-the-job experiences and consulting and training engagements span the globe and the entire range of the industry – from restaurants and retailers to food production at large-scale manufacturing plants. Mr. Camacho previously worked as the founder and CEO of two food manufacturing companies. His responsibilities at all levels in food industry corporations ranged from making food to being the Director of Food Safety and Quality, Site Operations Manager and Production Manager. This breadth of knowledge and experience enables Mr. Camacho to effectively advise clients in the best ways to organize and assign food safety roles within a Food Safety System.

What sets Mr. Camacho’s work apart is his ability to analyze top-to-bottom organizational charts and quickly zero-in on systemic food safety flaws and deficiencies within each company. He not only identifies gaps but institutes ways to improve food safety culture, recommending the right management for the right food safety program. As companies with compromised food safety systems know, merely instituting programs and hoping they are enforced is a costly and futile exercise. Success requires company-wide allegiance to excellence, clear lines of communication and reporting, personal accountability, provision of resources to maintain the programs, and continuous improvement when systems do not work smoothly.

With over 28 years of hands-on experience in the food industry, including ownership of two food processing plants and extensive work with two of the largest food manufacturers in the world, Oscar Camacho’s inspiring, first-person accounts of food safety successes and failures put accountability into sharp focus for his clients and their employees. Food safety workers emerge from Superior Food Safety training or consulting sessions with a clear understanding of what it means to do the right thing.

Academic Credentials and Certifications

Oscar Camacho is a Certified FSPCA-Human Foods Lead Instructor and Consultant, a Lead Instructor for FSPCA-FSVP Foreign Supplier Verification Programs, a Registered SQF Consultant & Registered SQF Trainer and a former SQF Auditor. He holds a BS in Biology and an MS in Food Science and Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain. He also holds a Certification in International Management and regularly continues studies in business administration.

Mr. Camacho has helped numerous US and Latin American companies achieve SQF certification with excellent scores.