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Developing and Implementing SQF Systems Edition 9.0

The integrity of the SQF Program relies on competently auditing existing SQF Systems and implementing efficient and effective SQF Systems. Superior Food Safety is a Licensed Center of Excellence that provides added value by giving students:

  • A perfect understanding of Food Safety and Quality Management Systems
  • The steps to follow in order to implement and maintain a solid program that reduces or eliminates risks
  • Examples of the most common industry mistakes and how to avoid them for success, and
  • Custom made templates of key procedures detailing how to write the documentation required by the program


The goals of the Implementing SQF course are to:

  • Promote an understanding of the SQF Code
  • Create a knowledge base to facilitate the successful implementation of an SQF System


Show how the HACCP-based approach manages food safety and quality hazards in an operation.

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