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All-In-One Software for Growers and Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Superior Food Safety has partnered with Icicle Technologies Inc. to bring Icicle, a smart food manufacturing software, to the food & beverage and the growing industries.

Icicle is an advanced food manufacturing software that enables growers, food processors, producers, and distributors to manage most aspects of their operation. Icicle is not merely a digital document storage – Icicle has the power to generate documents and files such as HACCP plans, SOPs, GS1-compliant barcodes, certificates of analysis, and much more.


  • Automatically generate full HACCP, TACCP, and VACCP plans
  • Establish complete food safety programs and achieve the highest level of food safety
  • Comply with regulations such as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Acquire and maintain 3rd party certifications, such as GFSI certifications like BRC and SQF

Icicle at a Glance

  1. Food Safety Management
  2. Quality Assurance & Control
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Full Traceability (Track & Trace)
  5. Production Management
  6. Vendor Management
  1. Preventative Maintenance
  2. Sales & Orders
  3. IoT & Real-Time Logging
  4. Audit Support
  5. Occupational Health & Safety
  6. Lab Testing

Press Release - March 19, 2019

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To learn more visit: Icicle

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