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“Superior Food Safety has been our consulting company since March 2017. Still to this day there has never been a moment where I hesitate to contact Superior Food Safety for guidance. Superior Food Safety is thought as out “GO TO” for clarification on any new change on the modules. We were recommended to Oscar and his company to be great support and guidance during the process of achieving our certification. Oscar and his team guided us from day one in understanding the “WHY” we wanted to achieve the certification other than our own customers requesting it. Also the “HOW” we were going to achieve such goal in the least amount of time. All the trainings, courses, and explanations were done in a way for us to understand such important processes. It was very important for my team and me that we understood every step because that would simplify the implementation of the new procedures. We are always supported by Oscar and his team in making sure the implementing and maintaining of all the safety programs are kept current for the renewal process of the certification. His expertise and professionalism is very much valued by my company. We never hesitate to reach out to them for support and guidance. Superior Food Safety is an important part of my companies’ success in achieving our SQF Certification.”

Tina Valencia, CFO/Co-Owner
Sonoma Foods

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